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Why life coaching?  Because we are meant to thrive and not just survive!  


As a seasoned and compassionate leader with a background of 30 years in the corporate world, I was no longer thriving in my work, or at least my heart was not thriving.  I was not fulfilled, I was not passionate anymore, I was not myself.  I had lost sight of who I was as a professional.  I had a rewarding career but nothing felt rewarding anymore.  I was burnt out.  I was desperate.  I was about to make a huge decision…to return to myself.   


As a leader in Human Resources, it was always the human work that I was drawn to…not the human as a resource, but just the human.  I learned that people at all levels, no matter in which position, how seemingly successful or unsuccessful, educated or uneducated, at the end of the day are just human.  Our beliefs and baggage, feelings and fears, emotions and past experiences all show up in every aspect of our lives.  I had a passion for listening, for caring, for guiding and for inspiring.  I had a desire to lean in closer to the person, not their performance.  


Over the years, I felt a tugging of my soul to move in another direction.  The tugging toward more deep and meaningful work became stronger and the calling to follow my servant’s heart became inescapable.  Following only my own intuition, I made a conscious choice and left a prosperous career in the corporate world to honor my desire for more meaningful and altruistic work.  I had no idea what would come next, I just knew I had to plunge myself into a more purposeful direction or drown.  


In the months following my corporate exit, I focused on practicing mindfulness and yoga, to strengthen my own mental, physical and emotional wellness.  About 6 months into this effort, I experienced a sudden and dramatic spiritual awakening.  Outwardly, it would seem certainly more like a mental and spiritual crisis but inwardly, it was an awakening into the unseen spirit world and the mystical, divine nature of life.  It opened my eyes to inner energies and higher powers.  I witnessed spontaneous energy healing in my own husband who suffered from years of chronic pain and a diagnosis of fibromyalgia and other "cause unknown" conditions. This was another plunge into the unknown, only this time it wasn’t of my own choosing.  It was my destiny. 


I found incredible mentors who have helped guide me and ground me on this journey and now I’m ready to step into the direction of my dreams.  Into my heart’s desire…to help others return to themselves.  There is too much needless suffering in this world, in our own minds.  Our outer world is but a reflection of our inner world.  I want to help people get out of their heads and into their hearts.  That’s where life is, that’s where freedom lies, that’s where YOU are.  

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